Stringed instrument repair, specializing in precision fretwork, instrument electronics and structural repair for the Memphis music industry.

The typical day... K&K pickup install on 1, Broken headstock repair on 2, and fret level on 3.

Performing a neck reset on a vintage Epiphone Archtop
Frets getting pressed in on a Les Paul with the walking press.
Bridge reglue jobs in process

Neck rest for a 60's Martin on the reset jig.
Crowning the frets after refretting a 1940's Stromberg 18" archtop.
Frets being pressed on a Strat neck using the sliding arbor press.
Electronics upgrade, new fabricated harness, pots and caps.
1962 Gretsch body on the pedestal buffer.
New frets with 25 degree roundover ends.