Stringed instrument repair, specializing in precision fretwork, instrument electronics and structural repair for the Memphis music industry.


Services are available through:

Martin Music,

1659 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN, 38104

901 729-2466

About Us

Hi, I'm Robert Scoby and have been fortunate enough to work in one way or another in the Memphis music business since 1984. For 10 years I worked in instrument repair and sales for a local music store. In 1994 I began working in machinery manufacturing in design and service while continuing instrument repair part time. This experience has allowed me to mesh modern fabrication and repair techniques to repairing and building projects for local musicians.


At the request of many previous customers, in 2006 I began shifting my time and energy towards full time repair of instruments and fabrication of "gear". Since then, I have picked up many satisfied clients and friends as well. In 2010, I was fortunate enough to begin working with the south's premier boutique guitar shop, Martin Music.

So how do I learn more?

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Call the shop at:           901 729-2466

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