Stringed instrument repair, specializing in precision fretwork and custom project fabrication for the music industry.

Local Links

Great local Memphis music with a kick. Come see Ed at various local clubs. Super-tight front porch jammin!

Outstanding local tube amp parts supplier and home to the best amp tech in the south-Rob Hull.
1686 Barcrest Drive
Memphis, TN 38134
TOLL FREE Phone: 877-289-7994
Phone: 901-507-2726
Fax: 901-388-2405

Eric has the finest selection of premium / hand picked instruments in the south. A must see if visiting Memphis.


Martin Music

1659 Poplar Ave
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Phone: 901.729.2466

Fax: 901.757.0307


Above:  Eddie Smith, with his full band








Left:   Eddie Smith (Taylor) with local Producer extrordanaire, Jack Holder (Tele)

Support Links

Guild of American Luthiers

Great support for instrument builders and repair techs.

Stewart Macdonald


Great Lutherie supplies, my main supplier of tooling.

Luthiers Mercantile International Inc.


Most of the wood I use comes from here-really high quality.